Add To Your WishlistNatural Loofah Discs for Face

Loofah face discsLoofah face discs

Add To Your WishlistNatural Loofah Discs for Face

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    Exfoliating loofah discs to compliment your Flawless Goddess Face Scrub. 

    These loofahs are grown on a farm in Andalusia. They are from the cucumber family and are grown on a vine rather than yanked from the sea. They are nourished using mountain water and when picked, they are soaked for 24 hours in spring water before hanging to dry in the Andalusian sun.

    The loofahs are great exfoliators, as well as relaxing your muscles and increasing circulation, leaving your skin healthy & glowing. They are vegan, 100% biodegradable and cruelty free. One side of the disc is smooth and the other is coarse. The smoother side is better for sensitive skin and the other could even be used on elbows, heels & knees. They are great to exfoliate and cleanse when used in gentle circular movements. When your loofahs life is up, you can simply bury it or compost it. It will only take 1 month to break down as apposed to it's plastic equivalent sponge, up to 1,000 years!!

    If that is not enough, the angel of a woman who grows them, uses her 6acres of land to help abandoned animals who find themselves in a helpless situation. Currently she has 4 horses, 60 dogs & a very brave rabbit!!

    So not only will you get an amazing product to compliment your Helen Selina
    face scrub, you will also be supporting an amazing cause.

    Pack of 4.

    Rinse after each use & allow to dry. Please note, as this is a natural product, size & shape may vary.