Skin Enemies!

Skin Enemies!

Skin Enemies - Skenemies! 

We’re going to take a holistic look at our bodies & lifestyles. What we nourish (or don’t nourish!) our bodies with, effects our skin. Our skin is amazing, it self-repairs, self-maintains and is constructed from nutrients provided by our diets. Amazing, right?! That’s why we need to be cautious of what goes in our bodies, how we take care of them and what we are exposing them to! 

There are so many things we are exposed to on a daily basis that effects our skin. These can be lifestyle, or environmental factors. Here is a list of some - 

1. Diet!!

Not providing our skin with the nutrients it needs will lead to sagging, wrinkling, poor skin tone, unbalanced complexion and increased outbreaks of spots or rashes (e.g. acne is linked to a refined carb / high sugar diet) 

2.  Chemical Exposure

From certain irritants in skincare to the pollutants in the air, the skin is under daily attack from damaging particles. For example, detergents are well known for a leading cause in contact dermatitis. 

3. Smoking

An obvious one, right?? Apart from the fact it can kill you… smoking increases the production of an enzyme which breaks down collagen - the fibre that holds the skin together. Not only that, but it restricts blood flow, halting nutrient delivery to the skin cells. Smoking destroys vitamins A & C which are vital to skin health, leading to an ashen complexion and wrinkles around the mouth. 

4. Poor Air Quality 

Over-heated houses and offices, air conditioning systems and even long haul flights have one thing in common; they all suck moisture from the skin. The body is made up of over 70% water, so skin without moisture is dry, dull & wrinkled. 

5. Make Up

Wearing make up every day prevents our skin from functioning properly. It can clog pores and lead to spots and rashes. The skin helps to eliminate waste and needs kept free from clogged pores. 

6. Dehydration 

Water is ESSENTIAL to the health of the skin (and our bodies!). Try to drink at least 2L of water per day. As mentioned above, our bodies are composed of 70% water and this must be fulfilled in order to keep those cells healthy. 

7. Lack of Exercise 

Exercise is not usually associated with skincare, but exercise is essential for the health of the whole body, including the skin. Exercise increases blood flow (and hence, the flow of nutrients) to the skin cells. Any form of exercise which increases the heart rate will be beneficial to the skin. 

8. Sudden weight loss

Yo-yo diets and sudden weight loss can cause the skin to sag and droop. If the weight loss is healthy, slow and steady the skin has greater potential to shrink back to match the new body size (and there is more chance of keeping the weight off!) 

9. The Sun

Last, but by no means least, the sun!! We need to have sensible sun exposure. Our skin needs sunshine to synthesise Vitamin D. However, if we are not careful out in the sun, we can damage our skin, which can cause skin ageing, skin cancer, wrinkles and sagging. Please ALWAYS play safe in the sun, and wear a suitable SPF and re-apply every two hours. Hats, glasses and good old shade are also great for mr sun.  

The more we can avoid these skenemies, the more we will reap the benefits by enjoying clear, healthy, glowing skin!