Here is why you should be double cleansing!

Here is why you should be double cleansing!

Heard of double cleansing & thought - do I really need to be doing that?? 

Simple answer;

AM - no, one cleanse is fine.
PM - yes, absolutely! You will need to double cleanse to thoroughly remove any make-up / SPF left over from your first cleanse.

In the morning, you only need to cleanse once. Use a milk, gel, oil, balm or a cream cleanser (try to avoid micellar water here) – whichever works for you and your skin. Rub over your face and neck and remove with a clean damp flannel. In the evening, you will need to double cleanse. The first cleanse, or pre-cleanse is to remove any makeup / SPF you have had on throughout the day. You can use a milk, gel, oil, balm, cream, eye make-up remover, or you can opt for a micellar water at this point as you are going to wash your face afterwards. The second cleanse is to simply wash your face!! Your pre-cleanse won’t do this as its job is to loosen any dirt, make-up, spf you already have on your face. Personally, I love a cream cleanser here, they are great for deep cleansing and removing any dirt left behind from your pre-cleanse. But you use whatever works for you. Use your flannel from the mornings cleanse to remove – then put it in the wash!!

Watch our video below to see in action!

This took me under 3mins from start to finish (video is sped up - it doesn't take that long to watch!!) so your entire skincare routine should be done in under 5minutes! So please don't be put off by thinking skincare routines are long and complicated - they really don't have to be!

I'd love to hear - do you double cleanse already? Or are you going to start? What is your favourite cleanser? Comment below & let me know!

Much Love,